owns a fleet of heavy transport vehicles, which helps the company in meeting the needs of customers on time.

About Transport Sector

  “ Egypt Stone Co. for Transport: Your number one choice for transport and logistics. ”

  “ Get your cargo to its destination.

EGYPT STONE For Mining & Supplies - ايجيبت ستون للتعدين و التوريدات

Why Transport Sector


Heavy-duty transport.

We offer heavy-duty transport services for the following sectors: construction, general cargo, heavy cargo, steel industry, scrap metal industry, military sector, and more.


Delivery on time & Reliable Service.

We deliver your shipments efficiently and on time, meeting your deadlines every time. We offer Reliable service, even in the toughest conditions.


Transport and logistics made easy.

We have a fleet of heavy-duty transport vehicles that can meet any need. Our drivers are highly experienced and will get the job done.


We are committed to you.

With our fleet of heavy-duty transport vehicles and expertise in the market, we can best meet your requirements. We’re committed to our clients—and that means being attentive to their needs.


Our Customers