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About Egypt Stone

  • Egypt Stone For Mining & Supplies one of the largest companies in Egypt. As we specialize in the production of raw materials that are used in industries. Since the year 2005 was the beginning Egypt Stone for Mining was established and the main objective was to contribute to the development of Egyptian industries and the growth of the Egyptian economy by taking advantage of the natural resources that our country Egypt . It was the Egypt Stone for Mining and Supplies.
  • During 17 years of continuous work and by making all the efforts of the company's employees and with an insightful vision from the company's higher management . we were able to be one of the largest suppliers of quarry materials in Egypt. And we have gained the trust of our local clients
  • We were not satisfied with that only but the company also turned to the field of exportation which is a mainstay in supporting the economy of our beloved country and providing more hard currencies to support the development process. By harnessing all the possibilities we were also able to gain the confidence of our customers abroad. If we promise we will fulfill it. This is the general policy of the company. And so we deserve to say (we can doing more than you expect)
  • It did not stop at that as the company's ambition did not stop. The construction and road sectors were established and we were able to make distinguished steps in this sector. The beginning was with canals lining projects then to road paving projects to be part of the contributors to the establishment of New Egypt to keep pace with the development of the country’s goals and to be an integral part of the continuous stream of achievements.
  • And to support all of the above. the main supporter comes which is the transportation and logistical support company sectors which in turn was the main reason for overcoming all obstacles related to transportation this sector which in turn contributed to the success of all the company’s sectors the mining sector - the export sector - the construction and road sector
  • And all of this is done through the loyal employees of Egypt Stone Company as every member of the Egypt Stone family is the business owner. We work in the spirit of one team we are all on the heart of one man and from here comes success.

Our Mision

It is not easy to be the first, as this requires a very great effort, that was our mission and goal. We were able to harness all the capabilities, specialized manpower, and modern equipment to meet all the requirements of our customers in the local market and in foreign markets, and develop ourselves day after day so that the trust between us and Our clients are everywhere.

Our Vision

With the rapid development of the industry, the company plans to make the highest possible use of our natural resources, through industry and production. To export products for end use rather than raw to enhance the added value of our products. To fit in with the state's tendency to preserve our wealth and achieve the maximum possible benefit.

What Our Services

EGYPT STONE For Mining & Supplies - egypt-stone.net ايجيبت ستون للتعدين و التوريدات

Transport Sector

EGYPT STONE CO. owns a fleet of heavy transport vehicles, which helps the company in meeting the needs of customers on time. About Transport Sector   “ Egypt Stone Co. for Transport: Your number one choice for transport and logistics. ”   “ Get your cargo to its destination.” Previous image Next image Why Transport Sector 01 Heavy-duty
EGYPT STONE For Mining & Supplies - egypt-stone.net ايجيبت ستون للتعدين و التوريدات

Mining Sector

EGYPT STONE CO. A NEW VISION FOR MINING INDUSTRY IN EGYPT About Mining Sector Egypt Stone Co. for mining and supplies specializes in the mining of high-quality and low cost supplies and products. We offer a wide range of custom services to meet your company's needs from quarrying to transport and logistics as well as
EGYPT STONE For Mining & Supplies - egypt-stone.net ايجيبت ستون للتعدين و التوريدات

Export Sector

EGYPT STONE CO. Exporting many of our products to many countries over world with high quality at time required. About Export Sector We work hard to provide the finest quality at competitive prices, while maintaining our commitment to environmental responsibility. We supply a wide range of products to a diverse range of industries, including construction
EGYPT STONE For Mining & Supplies - egypt-stone.net ايجيبت ستون للتعدين و التوريدات

Contracting Sector

EGYPT STONE CO. About Contracting Sector Egypt Stone Co. for Contracting & Infrastructure is a leading company in the implementation of various projects such as infrastructure works and road paving as well as the execution of commercial and residential work.   “  We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience necessary to provide you with the


We Can Creat More Than You Expect

  • I would like to provide my thanks and appreciation to our valued customers for their continued support and encouragement which had a great impact on the progress and prosperity of Egypt Stone Company.
  • Also provide my thanks and gratitude to the employees of the company for their clear dedication and sincere loyalty which led to raising the company name in the Egyptian market.
  • The most repeated problems facing the factories that use our products are the quality of products and the regularity of supplying. From here we began to think about appropriate solutions to these problems.
  • For the quality of products solutions are available and known to everyone but the decision to implement these solutions was the most difficult decision. This is because of the high cost required to provide quality control system including specialists equipment and follow-up processes.
  • It also required a great effort in confirm the culture of quality for all employees in the company.
  • As for the second problem which is the regularity of supplies it was necessary to rely on self-operation for transportation works in order to ensure control of the timing. So we have provided the required trucks to ensure time delivery to our valued customers.
  • We assure our valued customers that we will always adhere to the basic principles of Egypt Stone Company namely the emphasis on quality timeliness and using of modern and scientific means at all stages of operations.
  • We also assure our fellow employees that we will remain one family whose goal is to satisfy our valued customers and preserve the achievements of our leading company which will remain an example of seriousness and commitment.