About Contracting Sector

  • Egypt Stone Co. for Contracting & Infrastructure is a leading company in the implementation of various projects such as infrastructure works and road paving as well as the execution of commercial and residential work.

  “  We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience necessary to provide you with the perfect solutions ”

  “   Egypt Stone Co. for Contracting & Infrastructure: your partner for all construction needs. ”

EGYPT STONE For Mining & Supplies - ايجيبت ستون للتعدين و التوريدات

Why Contracting Sector


Cut Your Costs With Egypt Stone.

Our company is known for cost efficient contracting work. You can trust our experienced professionals to handle any job safely and efficiently at a competitive price.


It's Our Experience That Sets Us Apart.

As an industry leader in infrastructure construction, we have the expertise to help your company succeed. Our clients hire us for our extensive experience in the field and it’s this experience that sets us apart.


Build A Better Tomorrow.

Establish a legacy with us. We offer exceptional service in various fields like plants infrastructure & roads. Experience the difference and build a better tomorrow with our company, Egypt Stone Co. for Contracting & Infrastructure


Our Customers