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  • Gypsum also known as calcium sulfate hydrate is a naturally occurring mineral found in layers of sedimentary rock all over the world. It is formed by the evaporation and replenishment of waters containing calcium and sulfates.
  • White or gray in color. gypsum can be ground into a fine powder and boiled until the majority of its moisture is removed — a process known as calcination. Adding the water back to this powder creates a pliable substance that can be formed into a shape or mold and will harden to hold that form or the substance can be added to other materials to bind them together.
  • Because of its binding abilities ; gypsum is a primary ingredient in some toothpastes. It is also used as plaster to create surgical casts; as an additive in many foods; like canned vegetables; ice cream and tofu; and as an amendment; conditioner and fertilizer for agricultural applications.