The site represents a new trend for the company activities. Based on the vision of Egypt Stone Company in maximizing the added value of mineral ores, recycling of the byproducts of various industries and making use for industry waste to be of tangible value aimed at reducing production costs.

Egypt Stone Company established the first SLAG GRINDING, CLASSIFIED AND METAL SEPRATION PLANT, slag contains compounds and molten

oxides such as calcium silicate, iron oxide, silicon oxide and magnesium oxide. Using slag in the cement industry reduce dependence on the natural

raw materials required for this industry such as iron oxide, gypsum and Leads to reducing of production costs of cement industry.


Processing for SLAG including crusher, grind, classified and mineral separation is made with an integrated system for operation, safety and quality


Slag products used for cement and paving industries.




SIZE: according to client required.


  • Transportation slag to the stockpiles yard.
  • Mineral separating process.
  • Crushing, grinding and classified slag.
  • Loading products.


  • One dozer for arrange stockpiles.
  • Tow loader for feeding & loading.
  • Crushing, grinding and classified plant.
  • Maintenance unite.


  • Plant manager (1).
  • Quality control supervisor (2).
  • Operator (12).
  • Technician (2).
  • Administrator (2)

EGYPT STONE CO. FOR MINING & SUPPLIES producing and supplying SLAG with high quality and required size needed for cement and paving industries.