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About Egypt Stone

  • EGYPT STONE CO. FOR MINING & SUPPLIES is an Egyptian company found in 2005 to invest in mining and related activities. It relied on a distinguished group of consultants & geologist and trained groups that have long experience in the field of mining.
  • EGYPT STONE CO. Started by licensing the first limestone quarry in Ghayada - Beba - Bani Sweif governorate. It now has fifteen (15) quarries spread in different areas in Egypt such as Red Sea - South Sinai– Suez. And EL Staff area in Giza .
  • EGYPT STONE CO. Producing high quality of quarry materials such as limestone and dolomite used in many industries like steel - sugar - ceramic - cement and glass industries - road and construction projects.
  • EGYPT STONE CO. Provided modern machinery and equipment to all sites to ensure the quality of products and adhere to the timelines of the supply business. In addition it owns a fleet of trucks to meet the needs of customers on time.
  • EGYPT STONE CO. Has more than one hundred and fifty employees in all disciplines related to such works it provides specialized training courses to raise the efficiency of workers.
  • EGYPT STONE CO. currently establish several projects related to the field of mining. These projects specialized for purification and processing of mineral ores to maximize its value.

What Our Services

Export Business

Exporting many of our products to many countries over world. With high quality and at time required .

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Transport Business

The company owns a fleet of heavy transport vehicles, which helps the company in meeting the needs of customers on.

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Contracting Business

Implementation of construction work in various sectors of construction through the company, such as infrastructure works for factories and road.

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Mining Business


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We Can Creat More Than You Expect

  • I would like to provide my thanks and appreciation to our valued customers for their continued support and encouragement which had a great impact on the progress and prosperity of Egypt Stone Company.
  • Also provide my thanks and gratitude to the employees of the company for their clear dedication and sincere loyalty which led to raising the company name in the Egyptian market.
  • The most repeated problems facing the factories that use our products are the quality of products and the regularity of supplying. From here we began to think about appropriate solutions to these problems.
  • For the quality of products solutions are available and known to everyone but the decision to implement these solutions was the most difficult decision. This is because of the high cost required to provide quality control system including specialists equipment and follow-up processes.
  • It also required a great effort in confirm the culture of quality for all employees in the company.
  • As for the second problem which is the regularity of supplies it was necessary to rely on self-operation for transportation works in order to ensure control of the timing. So we have provided the required trucks to ensure time delivery to our valued customers.
  • We assure our valued customers that we will always adhere to the basic principles of Egypt Stone Company namely the emphasis on quality timeliness and using of modern and scientific means at all stages of operations.
  • We also assure our fellow employees that we will remain one family whose goal is to satisfy our valued customers and preserve the achievements of our leading company which will remain an example of seriousness and commitment.